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  • My memories of the times I have seen Queen Elizabeth 11.

    I do not seem to have much to write on my blog….as life is pretty dull at the moment. But then I realized that we are living through history with the death of Queen Elizabeth III and the accession of King Charles 111…formally Prince of Wales Charles. So I thought I would write about the times […]

  • Memories…..From Then Until Now

    Let me explain the title. Just 10 minutes ago it popped into my mind a memory from the past and I thought what a nice idea for a blog…..just little snippets that I remember from the many years I have lived on this earth. I will try for at least 10 and if the brain […]

  • Catering Tales

    As you all know I worked as a health care assistant at the Royal Surrey County Hospital for many years before I retired…but they were not all on the nursing side of it. When we moved to Guildford and hubby found work I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could […]

  • Playgroup Memories.

    When Son no 1 was about 18 months to 2 years old we had recently moved to Shackleford. I knew nobody and wondered How I would feel not having close friends, especially ones with little babies. I really cannot remember how I heard about it…..probably from my neighbour Pam whose daughter Diane was just a […]

  • Visits To The North

     I don’t think I have written about the times I went back up North. I left the North in June 1973 about6monthes after I married hobby. I apologise if I have written about these before. When we came “down South” to work and live hubby promised me that he would take me back whenever I […]

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