2021 June

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  • How I Feel about Lockdown…now it may soon be ending

    When lockdown started we were all frightened and scared. Would we lose someone, how would we cope…all these questions going around in my head. I could not settle at bedtime…the mind was a whirl….so I started staying up, watching youtube, Facebooking and watching drama on Iplayer. I still do that in the evening so that […]

  • Snippets.

    The miracle is not to fly in the air, nor to walk on the water, but walk on the earth…Chinese Proverb Only when normal things are not normal anymore do we realize how SPECIAL NORMAL THINGS WERE Cheers to the people that love us, the losers who lost us and the lucky bastards who get […]

  • Words to Make you Smile

    Life can still be S**t so I have been looking through my “word books” to find something that may bring a smile to you. AS I GET OLDER I REALIZE. 1. I talk to myself because I need expert advice. 2. Sometimes I roll my eyes out loud. 3. I do not need anger management…I […]