2020 September

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  • Gay Pride

    Son no 1 who is also the web host of my blog……has said its OK for me to share my thoughts on  the first Gay Pride in London that I joined in and walked with him He had come out to his family a few years before and had asked me if I would walk […]

  • Hobbies

    We all have hobbies or interests whether they are sporty or clever stuff. I have had hobbies and collections for many years. One that I feel has been with since childhood and is still with me now. I read many genres but not Barbara Cartland I got really into cross stitch and enjoyed creating pictures […]

  • Time-travel…..or times in history that I may have ejoyed living in

    At school when we started to learn about the history we started at the very beginning…The Stone Age and if I remember correctly we stopped about the time of The Indian Mutiny. History has always fascinated me and is probably at the roots of my fascination in time travel, reincarnation and stuff of that sort. […]

  • My One and Only

    Am I talking about a long lost love……..no I am not? I am talking about my one and only tattoo. I was approaching 60 and I did not want a big party or any secret celebrations….so I decided to have a tattoo so hubby paid for it. I decided to have an owl……I love owls […]

  • Snippets From Childhood.

    As we get older we begin the forget some stuff that happens in our childhood I can remember my first day at school very clearly….it was a long walk along a very busy road to a village school. My dad was in the army at that time and stationed at a place called High Lee […]

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