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  • Carol’s Pandemic Diaries 2…2nd May to 7th August 2020.I

    In my last blog, I documented from March to May how I was coping with the pandemic and lockdown. This one follows on from then to August. I do not know if it is interesting for you to read. I hope you do…but it’s doing or will do me good. 2nd May…10.40 am….New Journal-uncertain times-pandemic-coronavirus […]

  • Carol Wakes’s Pandemic Diary’s from 1st March 2020 to 1st May.

    I have been thinking about what I did and how I coped…on insight those days  we all spent in lockdown…what we did ect.Found a gift back with 5 of my journals between March 2020 and the year 2021. So I thought I  would share my thoughts,my feelings and what I may have done during that […]

  • Recent Books I have read’.

    Thought I would go through the books I have given 10/10 in my reveiws. 1.The Snowman…Michael Morpurgo…I love this author of children’s books.He has a way of retelling bits from history and very recent stuff.This is a retelling of Raymond Briggs The Snowman.I read in 20 minutes while relaxing in bed this morning before getting […]

  • TV Shows that I have loved/like….Past/Present.

    Another blog that I think will take me quite a few days so it will be saved in drafts before publishing. This time it will be about the shows I have seen past and present. Survivors—this was dystopian. survival series set on TV in 1975 when s flu type of disease killed about 90% of […]

  • All The Good Ones Are Gone

    I have a feeling that this is going to be a whopper-sized blog as I have quite a list of names of singers/musicians/actors /personalities that I have admired/fancied ect in my time. So it will be one I will save in a draft until I feel I have finished.A sober thought…I hope no one I […]

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