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  • Words to Make you Smile

    Life can still be S**t so I have been looking through my “word books” to find something that may bring a smile to you. AS I GET OLDER I REALIZE. 1. I talk to myself because I need expert advice. 2. Sometimes I roll my eyes out loud. 3. I do not need anger management…I […]

  • Yet More Mutterings

    I have a book “99 Things that Bring me Joy….and looking through it yesterday I thought it would be fun to share what I have written. Each page has a number and a heading….so here we go. 1) Childhood Toys I had… Pamela Bobo, a black doll, got her as a Christmas present when I […]

  • First Holiday to Sheilas on my Own…..Wales 1994

    Scrolling through my journals I came across this account which I don’t think I have blogged about. This is from my first journal started in 1993 and completed in 1995….2years.I can fill a similar size 3/6monthes these days……shows how addicted I am to document my days. I had earlier always taken the kids with me […]

  • Words.

    All during the lockdown and forever before I have a book that I write words in that catch my attention, for example…those little snippets of prose etc that are sometimes in the front of books and on Facebook, they appear on your timeline. So for this blog, I have my book at my side and […]

  • My Thoughts As Lockdown Starts To Come To An End.

    We are approaching what may be the beginning of “normality” or as “normal” as I ever think we will get to…….soon 21st June when if or we are told it all over…I really do think there is not a person in the country whose life will not be the same unless there are people who […]

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