All The Good Ones Are Gone

I have a feeling that this is going to be a whopper-sized blog as I have quite a list of names of singers/musicians/actors /personalities that I have admired/fancied ect in my time. So it will be one I will save in a draft until I feel I have finished.A sober thought…I hope no one I admire will pass on before I finish.I will do their names in no chronological order and I will write in a few facts that may interest you.


Don Williams— a country singer of many years. He looks like such a gentle soft-spoken person.One of his greatest hits is “You’re My Best Friend” is “our song”…I even had it played on the radio for him many years ago.

Johnny Cash—The Man in Black…when those four words are spoken most of us ..know exactly who they are talking about. He has so many songs that I cannot name a favourite…Ring of Fire/Folson Prison Blues/Hurt, his last one. .His daughters carry on his name in singing.He was married twice.His first wife Vivien was the mother of his four daughters and his second wife June Carter Cash was the mother of his only son. Johnny died only 4 months after June died.Some say he died of a broken heart.

Michael Landon—“Little Joe” from “Bonanza” and “Pa” from “Little House on the Prairie”.He was one of the posters on my bedroom wall when I was in my teens.Those dark curly locks and smiling eyes always melted my heart.

Eddie Cochran—one of the Rock n Roll early heroes.Went way too early and you wander how he would have progressed if he had not been killed in a car crash while on tour in England.

David Bowie—how shocked we all were when the news of his death reached us.The public was not aware that he was suffering from Prostate cancer He has many styles…no one will forget “Ziggy Stardust”.One of my favourite songs of his was “Life On Mars”

Kenny Rogers—Yes I am a country music fan which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea.I really love his storytelling eg…Coward Of The County, Lucille and Ruby, Don’tPatrick Take Your Love  To Town.He has also starred in movies.I loved his duet with Dolly Parton singing Islands In The Sun.

Patrick Swayze—We lost this amazing actor to cancer like many people.A lot of people only know him from Dirty Dancing.He was once at the Royal Surrey County Hospital to film scenes from a movie.Not 100% sure but I think this movie was called City Of Joy…set in India.

Every Brothers—What a voice…what a harmony .These two blood brothers with Cathy’s Clown/All I Have To Do Is Dream.My favourite is a lesser-known song called Ebony Eyes.

Billy Fury—another of my first crushes and his picture was also on my bedroom wall.His real name was Ronald Wycherly from Liverpool .He was pre-Beatles ans the Liverpool Sound.He had glandular fever as a child and it left him with a weakened heart.I remember hearing about his death. Was on the news one evening when I was feeding my baby son no 3. I cried. All his hits were favourites…Halfway To Paradise just to name one.

Marty Robbins…another of my favourite country singers.He sang “stories”,  and finished with one that sticks in my mind is “El Paso”, followed by Faleena”and “El Paso and then “El Paso City” all about the same story.Another favourite is “Devil Woman” and “White Sports Coat.

Dean Martin…my favourite crooner from those years.He did live a long life and was not “gone too soon”, and even if he was “before my time” who can not resist that sexy voice and those twinkly brown eyes?.

John Lennon/George Harrison—to all us baby boomers we always think…Thats half the Beatles gone.I loved the Beatles and George was always a favourite.Lost to cancer.Loved his “My Sweet Lord” and John Lennon(his son Julian looks so like him).I am afraid I was not a fan of Yoko Ono.I loved the song “Imagine” and “Beautiful Boy”

Ricky Nelson…A really beautiful-looking man.

My favourites are “Travelin Man”,”Never Been Anyone Else but you””I Will Follow You.

Paul Newman—He lived till his 80’s so was not taken too soon.He has beautiful blue eyes. Married forever to the actress Joanne Woodward.Loved him in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.
Karen Carpenter—part of the brother and sister with an individual voice When I hear her voice I am transported back to the little tin hut that we lived in in Inkpen Berkshire when hubby and I first moved South and all we had apart from each other was a small transistor radio fo entertainment.Cannot choose a favourite.I love all the songs.

John Denver—a man with such a beautiful gentle voice. Tragically died in a plane crash like so many others.Loved “Leaving On A Jet Plane,Annie’s Song and “Grandma’s Feather Bed”.
Buddy Holly—If he not been so tragically killed in the plane crash that also killed Big Bopper and Ricky Valence.We all remember “Peggy Sue” and “True Love Ways” to name two that first come.

to mind.Don McClean wrote the song “The Day The Music Died” to commemorate

Judith Durham—what a pure beautiful voice this lady had.With her bandmates, they were the first Australians that I was aware of. Before “Neighbours” and “Home and Away”I love “The Carnival Is Over ” and I’ll Never Find Another You”, but please listen to their version of “I Am Australian” it has been said that it should be their National Anthem.

Olivia Newton-John —We all remember her transformation from pretty girl to hot chick in Grease….alls the hot-blooded males must have swooned when she appeared in that tight black leather. Poor lady lost her battle with cancer not all that long ago.

Gene Pitney—my hubby saw him live on stage many years ago before we met.I loved his hit “24 Hours From Tulsa”He had such a unique voice.

Roy Orbison—another unique voice.”Pretty woman” and that growl.What woman did not tremble?He had many tragedies in his life …losing his first  wife and then his house burning down.Other hits I remember are “Crying”,and “Only the Lonely”.

Patsy Cline— remembered for her hit “Crazy” written for her by Willie Nelson.Lost to soon to a plane crash like so many others.

Gregory Peck—was not lost to soon but he is gone now and in my eyes he was one of the great actors.I loved him as the man in charge of the American submarine marooned in Australia in the dystopian move”On The  Beach” based on the novel by Nevil Shute.His character Dwight Towers I have never forgotten . My sons no 1 and no 3 could easily have been named Dwight and Greg if I had gotten my own way.

Amy Whitehouse—another unique voice that I hadn’t noticed until she passed.I love the song “Valerie”.

Paul O’Grady—a beautiful man who loved dogs.Had heart trouble most of his adult life but it was still a shock to us all when he went.

Elvis Presley—last but not least….the King of Rock and Roll.To many songs to just name one.Gone but never forgotten.

I may have missed some people who you might admire and miss.I am sorry that I have not named them.

This blog has taken me 5 days to complete…