2021 December

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  • Memories from Then until Now……Part 2

    Wasn’t able to edit part one and add on. So here are 5 to 10. 5, Memories of Holidays……Never really had holidays when very young. Trip back North from wherever my Dad was stationed…but as I was so young they are blurred…but I do remember at least two trips when I was taken with my […]

  • Memories…..From Then Until Now

    Let me explain the title. Just 10 minutes ago it popped into my mind a memory from the past and I thought what a nice idea for a blog…..just little snippets that I remember from the many years I have lived on this earth. I will try for at least 10 and if the brain […]

  • A Ba-Humbug Day

    I did plan to put this as a Facebook status but decided to do it as a blog instead. All I wanted to do was make a start on my Christmas wrapping up and it ended with “Let’s go on a Mouse hunt”, not funny at all…but if you know me I try to bring […]