2021 April

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  • My POEMS…….Part 2

    Here are part two of the words dreamed up from my head. (correctly formatted by T-Jay) The following few are ones I wrote after a friend confessed to me she was having an affair. When I see you pass me by, I want to call out your name, But our needs for each other are […]

  • My Own Poetry Part 1

    At the back of Journal No1 are at least 24 poems that I have written. Words out of my own head that I thought I would share. I am no William Wordsworth I have to say before I start. (TJ – I have formatted these, so you can actually see the poetry in action!!! – […]

  • First Holiday to Sheilas on my Own…..Wales 1994

    Scrolling through my journals I came across this account which I don’t think I have blogged about. This is from my first journal started in 1993 and completed in 1995….2years.I can fill a similar size 3/6monthes these days……shows how addicted I am to document my days. I had earlier always taken the kids with me […]

  • Words.

    All during the lockdown and forever before I have a book that I write words in that catch my attention, for example…those little snippets of prose etc that are sometimes in the front of books and on Facebook, they appear on your timeline. So for this blog, I have my book at my side and […]