2020 August

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  • Memory Afternoon with my Sister.

    Quite a few years ago I had a week up in Sunderland to stay with my sister. Love train journeys so I enjoyed the 4-hour train journey…King X to Newcastle and Metro to Sunderland where I was met at the station by my sister and her son no 2. It was lovely to catch up […]

  • Holidays with Family

    We did not really have holidays but we had days out. We would walk over to visit Grandad in Hutton Henry or walk to Crimdon on a Bank Holiday, or to the local beaches in Horden /Easington. We walked a lot because we were a family of bad travellers on the bus. We did when […]

  • Being a David Essex “groupie”

    Family and friends that really know me are fully aware that I am a bit dotty about the 70’s pop star David Essex. He is also an actor, composer and musician. In the 70’s he was a good looking pop star all the young ladies had his poster up in their bedroom. Long flowing dark […]

  • Sisters

    I only have one sister…..and she only has one sister too. There are 7 years between us. We are both very different people….but she is still special to me. We shared a bedroom….we shared a bed!. The small bedroom we shared was not big enough for two beds so we had what I think was […]

  • Beachlife

    The title of this blog sounds exotic… but it isn’t. When dad lost his job and I think he was “on the dole” for 4 years…..we never were cold in the wintertime. He became one of many people who would bike to the nearest beach on the North East coastline to pick the coal scraps […]

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