About Me

Well… My lovely son TJ has set this blog up for me.  I read a friends blog last night and thought to myself…”I could do that… and TJ said “I can set that up for you. I am Carol…Carol Wake…I am 71 but in my head, I feel a lot younger. I have always loved words and stationery.

I write in an actual proper paper journal since 1988 and have just started no 64. I have a lovely husband of 47 years and 3 sons, a lovely daughter in law and an adorable grandson. I am originally from the North East but have lived “down south” since 1973. When the kids started to arrive was living on a farm in deepest Surrey… hubby worked on a pig farm and it was quite isolating. I advertised for pen pals in a Mother/Baby magazine and also answered other peoples adverts and built up a number of pen-pals, some of whom I still write to and one in particular who has become a very dear friend.

I got involved in correspondence magazines. At one point I had 70 plus pen pals. These pen pals made me feel connected. Writing paper, notelets, stickers, postcards etc I got very addicted to…then as time went on my son introduced me to Facebook and it felt it was like a continuation of my pen pal hobby, and now this is my new venture. A few years ago I decided to colour my hair pink….at the moment the heatwave these past few weeks has drawn all the pink out and its the dreaded grey at the moment but will soon be pink.