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  • Recent Books I have read’.

    Thought I would go through the books I have given 10/10 in my reveiws. 1.The Snowman…Michael Morpurgo…I love this author of children’s books.He has a way of retelling bits from history and very recent stuff.This is a retelling of Raymond Briggs The Snowman.I read in 20 minutes while relaxing in bed this morning before getting […]

  • TV Shows that I have loved/like….Past/Present.

    Another blog that I think will take me quite a few days so it will be saved in drafts before publishing. This time it will be about the shows I have seen past and present. Survivors—this was dystopian. survival series set on TV in 1975 when s flu type of disease killed about 90% of […]

  • All The Good Ones Are Gone

    I have a feeling that this is going to be a whopper-sized blog as I have quite a list of names of singers/musicians/actors /personalities that I have admired/fancied ect in my time. So it will be one I will save in a draft until I feel I have finished.A sober thought…I hope no one I […]


    When I cannot sleep instead of counting sheep…..I try and go through the alphabet and try to cover all letters with literature.I never reach the end so here goes. A.Anna Sewell who wrote Black Beauty, TheAtticus Finch-character from To Kill a Mocking Bird,The ABC Murders. by Agatha Christi and off course the book, Alice In […]

  • My Grandparents.

    I cannot remember when I last wrote a blog and have been guilty about so yesterday I sat and wrote down a sort of list of ideas for blog posts so I will work through them starting with the above. I have 9 ideas so plan to try and do one each day.I hope that […]

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