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  • Classic Childrens Stories….My Latest Addicton.

    Every so often I find I acquire a new interest…..the last one that I had was adult colouring which…yes I still do but it has stopped me being crazy about it. Others have been cross-stitch,card making,pen paling, knitting and always reading.I still knit.I still have penpals.I almost forgot after the cross-stitch craze of course I […]

  • ABC of people in my life

    2nd blog of the day. A….Auntie Eva……my mum’s youngest sister,she taught me how to knit. B…Brothers…I have 4.Will be named in the alphabet. C…Clare…a friend and colleague I have kept touch with since I have retired who will always get back to me if I text. D…Davids I know so many…my little bro,my adopted brother […]

  • ABC of me

    Here I am again.First Blog from my new laptop.I don’t think I have done this…so here goes. A…anxiety…..I don’t always admit it but I do get anxious…about life, about family, about the future, about getting old…but I am aware and try not to. B…being a good friend, being the best mother I can be. C…Making […]

  • Catering Tales

    As you all know I worked as a health care assistant at the Royal Surrey County Hospital for many years before I retired…but they were not all on the nursing side of it. When we moved to Guildford and hubby found work I thought it would be agood idea to see if I could find […]

  • Playgroup Memories.

    When Son no 1 was about 18 months to 2 year old we had recently moved to Shackleford.I knew nobody and wondered How I would feel not having close friends, especially ones with little babies.I really cannot remember how I heard about it…..probably from my neighbour Pam whose daughter Diane was just a little older […]

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