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  • Carol’s Catering Days

    When we moved into our first council house here in Guildford from living in “tied” cottages since we came “down South”….we had to pay rent and as the kids were getting older. I decided to try and find part-time evening work…and that’s how I became a general assistant in the kitchens of our local hospital […]

  • My Working Life.

    I left school at age 15……in another time….1964, in the hay day of Flower Power, The Beatles and denim hot pants…….yes I had a pair. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do as a job……but I knew what I didn’t want to do ….and that was to get a job in one of […]

  • Life On The Wards

    In 1998 I took a big decision to try for a position for a health care assistant at the hospital I had been at for many years in the catering department. I had always nursed a secret dream of being a “nurse”….so I was approaching age 49 and thought If I don’t do it now […]

  • Catering Days

    After we moved to Guildford and in the house, we used to live in before we both decided that to make ends meet……..we had rent to pay ….we used to live in tied cottages which went with the job. I decided to find an evening job… we waited until hubby found work and I applied […]

  • Camping Experiences at Odiham Fire Show

    When I was working as a Health Care assistant on an elderly care ward at The Royal Surrey county hospital with two friends from the ward…Mandy and Sylvia used to camp at the annual Fire Fair at Odiham over the weekend to try and raise funds for the ward we worked on by running a […]

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