Tales from my Journals

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  • Private Thoughts I Am prepared to share

    I really don’t know exactly what I am going to write. But I feel I am neglecting my blog….. it’s just that I cannot really think most days of what to write…..or more precisely what I am prepared to share with everyone. You have to keep some things private… known only by you and whatever […]

  • Snippets from “Lovely Words” journal part 1.

    Me and my words I know you like. One of my many journals is a lovely wooden one that from Sept 2006 to the present day I have but lovely comments that made me happy. 21/09/2006 different from my usual journals I have decided on this lovely wooden backed for “nice” stuff. Starting from the […]

  • The first and only Dinner Party…..from Journel no 23

    I am still re-reading my journal…I  forgot to no the one I did about when son no 3 married. So this one is about the first and only dinner party I ever held. For some reason, the idea felt like a good one at the time. We decided it would be 4…..so we decided to […]

  • The Wedding of son no 3 to his lovely Sarah

    Still trailing through the full journals on TJ’s advice……but find there is a lot of stuff I am not prepared to share with the world. So here I am in journal 24 late in the year. In the days before the wedding, we avidly watched the weather forecasting gales and blizzards but the day dawned […]

  • Tales From My Journal….number 1

    I was asking my son no 1 the other day…”Can you think of any things I can blog about?” He suggested that as have all these journals in boxes upstairs why don’t I go thought them…….so I took his advice and here is something from Journal no 29  written in 2007. Reflections on the Day […]