The first and only Dinner Party…..from Journel no 23

I am still re-reading my journal…I  forgot to no the one I did about when son no 3 married.

So this one is about the first and only dinner party I ever held. For some reason, the idea felt like a good one at the time. We decided it would be 4… we decided to invite our dear friends Penny and Michael who were able to organize babysitters as their children were quite young at that time.

I decided on a menu……1st course ……egg mayonnaise on lettuce and red onion base. The Main course ……Roast Beef/Yorkshire Pudding…..Broccoli and carrots and gravy. The dessert was a Mini Black Forrest Gateau/thick double cream. Finishing with Orange flavoured chocolate, Fresh coffee and the white wine that we had been drinking with our meal.

The food was enjoyed by all……we retired to the sitting room.

As it was the first time that I had hosted a dinner party as soon as one course was finished I snatched the empty plates and served the next etc.. ….no time for the food to digest.

Well…….as we were sitting Hubby went a funny colour, clammy and said he had chest pain. He tried to pass it off that it had gone but finally we persuaded him to be taken up to A/E….where he was seen straight away. We were worried as he has had angina in the past.

He had 2 ECG’s taken, also his blood and the usual observations.

He was actually alright…..we explained that we had been eating….and that I had let anyone relax between courses etc and it basically was a mega indigestion episode. He was discharged and we came home.

The lesson I learned from this was to take your time when you are eating and the main one that I have never held a dinner party since and don’t intend to. Also, we are still very good friends with Penny and Michael….we didn’t chase them away.