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  • My Knee Replacement.

    As most people in my life know that I try to make stuff lighter and try to see the funny side of stuff so if talks of my hospital visit etc might trigger you just pass this blog by. I kept a very detailed journal while I was there and  I will write if not […]

  • Classics that I have read Part 1

    As some of you may know I have challenged myself to read children’s classic books and also some adult ones. So for that reason, I have taken my library books back and put my library ticket away in my purse…unless I go to the library and get a single book on my long-looking list which […]

  • I need L plates

    At the moment I am in terrific pain with a flare-up in my right knee of arthritis. I have put up with it for almost six weeks and it got so painful I could hardly walk. I bought Paracetamol and Co-Codamol over the counter…sprayed Freeze and Deep heat willy nilly. I managed to have a […]