My Knee Replacement.

As most people in my life know that I try to make stuff lighter and try to see the funny side of stuff so if talks of my hospital visit etc might trigger you just pass this blog by.
I kept a very detailed journal while I was there and  I will write if not all about how it felt for me.
As is all planned hospital stays one has to have a covid test and 3 days of isolation before the day of the op. Up until that day I have never felt the need to do a test as I did not have symptoms to test myself.Was the only member of my family.Was not looking forward to it mainly because I have an awful gag reflex and yes I did…I was shaking. Thank you dear friend D for taking me and getting me home where Hubby and I went into isolation for three days. Knew I had enough to keep me occupied and hubby had the back garden. So I decided to repink my hair before I went in. I had a repack of my case. In the afternoon one of my consultant nurses rang up to see if I wanted to take part in a survey…..I chose not to. Late afternoon on day 3 of isolation I had the phone call to say all was still on.

28th…Operation day….have been nil by mouth since I went to bed. But did my teeth and did not swallow any water. Friend F picked me up just before 7 am and by7.15 was sitting beside the bed in the unit awaiting…..I had a visit from Doctor N who was doing my op. Sore the anaesthetist who explained I would not have general but something that would freeze me from the waist up and some sedation that would make me so sleepy. I would not feel anything and to my surprise, I didn’t…..The next thing I knew was being woke up by the doctor saying it was all over and I was in the recovery room. At some point, I had been given Tramadol and I was so sick…..but it only happened once. Was not feeling any pain and I think I had been pumped up with pain relief. Thankfully to find that I did not have a catheter. Took ages till I was taken up to the ward but according to my journal 6 pm.

Up on the ward, I realized that one of the HCA was J who I had worked with many a time. It was not as embarrassing as I thought it might have been and she was lovely when I washed the bedpan…. that’s all I am saying. We chuckled about it. I rang hubby and the rest of the family to bring them up to date. I said that I didn’t need them to visit as only one for an hour per day was pre-arranged. I was fine keeping in touch by mobile. Slept Ok that first night waking only once for the bedpan…which I missed ….oops.

Friday….. the day after op…..My meds included what I called  “magic little blues pills” twice a day and I have bought some home…Oxycodone….works quick but only lasts a little while. I have to take aspirin at the end of the month. Had my first breakfast…Rice Krispies and orange. Sister gave me a shock when she stood at the end of my bed and said the doctors say I am medical fully fit and could be discharged that day……..I could not believe it…I knew I could go home that day.was not ready. Hubby would not have been able to cope…I couldn’t cope with me. I was told to ask L the physio…..she said yes I was medically fit but not mobile…..I breathed a sigh of relief. I don’t think the sister meant to scare me. Anyway, I was helped out of bed by the physio and all the pain made me mutter swear under my breath. My blood sugars are very funny going from 6. something to 10…..but they are ok. The other ladies made my stay happy….we all got on and that evening we all sat on beds having a good giggle. When you are in a bed on a hospital ward you need those friendships that are being made quickly and you never forget…It’s the only plate where you all talk about everything from the price of bread to your bowel habits. The next day I was tired of the crutches…….well…..after a try etc L my lovely physio agreed with me that “I was not the gal for crutches” so we used the frame…I have now 3 new friends…Freda and Felicity like one downstairs/upstairs that keeps me steady…..I always said I would never use a frame but my attitude has changed, and lassoo Lucy who is a massive length of crepe tubular bandage I lasso my Op leg and I can pull my foot up which helps me get on and off the bed. Was told I could do the “toilet run” on my own.

I had to inject myself with a blood thinning thing but only had 3 and did not come home with it.2 new friends went home P and M so only me and E were in the ward but we soon welcomed S 1 and S2.
Sunday…Was given a new bed with one of those mattresses on that prevent bedsores.Can be quite uncomfortable.HCA k who has become a friend on Facebook got me some Raspberries when she took P down for discharge so I had raspberries to add to my Rice Krispies….yummy.The days are very long….most days we were woken between 5.30 and 6 so by 9 pm you are ready to settle down. That morning when my daughter-in-law texted I decided to ring back so had a chat also with son no 3. Also had a couple of chats and texts with Son no1 and also son no 2. and chats and texts with friend D. Being like this have given me a new insight and empathy with the patients I used to nurse and people I will pass in the future with frames. Plan to try to walk with my stick but will wait until Sat/Sun. I thought I had texted my sister but it was a wrong no the lady texted back and said get well also….how sweet.

I had only taken two pairs of Pj’s in so wor a hospital nightie for a couple of nights which I found weird.
May Bank Holiday… last full day…Hubby was spending it with friends P and M….so he had company and was spoiled I had some moments of feeling drained…..walking to the toilet was such an effort. It exhausted oneself. I was feeling that I was ready to be back home. and that happened the next day.

I took plenty of stuff to keep me occupied…..Word search/my knitting, a couple of magazines/free newspaper/and my book…Gentleman Jack…Angela Steidele….based on the true diaries of Anne Lister history’s first modern lesbian who inspired the TV series. I am so glad to be back home with Ron and I am doing OK. I hope no one has been triggered by anything I wrote about Byeeee.