2020 October

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  • Things that get on my pip

    I have decided to make a list of 10 things that get on my pip. There is probably more. Maybe in another blog post, I will list things that make me smile.   1 – Walking in town especially in Guildford people who walk towards you (before self-distancing days)….and expect you to be the one […]

  • Booze and Boozey Antics

    I like a drink and over the years have tried and tested many a few and also suffered the hangovers the next day…..but as I have got older it has changed. The first time I can actually remember getting drunk was on my 21st birthday at a pub called The Rosedene somewhere in Sunderland. I […]

  • Covid Fatigue

    I have heard the title of this blog post a few times in the media……another new word that is becoming part of our vocabulary this year of  2020. All of this year we have been fighting this terrible virus that has affected the whole world…..countries are no longer fighting each other but this invisible germ […]

  • My Northern Roots.

    First of all, I want to thank my Facebook friend for suggesting the theme for this blog post…..so thanks to you, Gordon Williams.  I  was born in 1949 and lived in the North with my Northern parents until I came to live in the South in the summer of 1973. I feel I am a […]

  • TV shows and Movies I have loved and enjoyed

    Just a random blog about me talking about TV shows and movies that I have enjoyed.Programmes and movies from the past and present. I will start with TV shows and the furthest back in time is “The Woodentops”….which was my favourite from the “Watch With Mother” series……Along with that was another children’s show called “Twizzle” […]

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