Booze and Boozey Antics

I like a drink and over the years have tried and tested many a few and also suffered the hangovers the next

day…..but as I have got older it has changed.

The first time I can actually remember getting drunk was on my 21st birthday at a pub called The Rosedene somewhere in Sunderland. I cannot remember what I drunk and can vaguely remember being taken home by a chap and dropped off in the street where I lived….not exactly right outside but two doors away and I was confused…..but they knew who I was and I was led home. Yes…….my mum was still up…..not very happy at the state I was in. I remember feeling quite ill for at least two days.

That I think was the only time I went back to my parents in that state.

Had various nights out with “the girls”…….must have got”tiddly” and I can remember “spinning bedrooms” and only dreadful hangover caused by cherry brandy….which I have never drunk since.

I never really liked the taste of beer but could tolerate shandy and lager and lime. Hubby in our courting days would by buy me port/ lemon,babycham or barley wine. As a treat babycham/brandy which I first tried in The Dolphin in Newbury….only a few doors from the flat, we used to live in above the shop I used to work at in our early married life. I cannot remember myself being the worse for wear but I remember a night hubby got “legless” and had problems getting upstairs to our bedroom up a very narrow spiral twisty staircase which I remember finding very funny. It had been a good night at a fair with hubby’s sister and hubby.

By the time we moved to Guildford, I still classed myself as a very lightweight drinker….busy having babies etc but as they got older and my friendship group grew thing changed.

An elderly gentleman who we kept an eye on introduced me to a large schooner of sherry topped with a good splash whiskey and even know if I taste it …it brings the memory of him back….always raise a glass of that at Christmas to him

what do I like to drink…..son no 1 introduced me to Gin/tonic which is my go-to spirit……was not sure whether I would like it or not as I had tried it once with orange and did not like. I do enjoy a whiskey and ginger ale…….with a cold…Lemsip/Whiskey is a go-to.

White is my favourite wine along with Rose……find red as I get older to strong and of course Prosecco, with crisp. nuts etc to nibble.

Hubby and I enjoy a small glass cream sherry in the evening and sometimes  I have a neat gin/tonic for me…..

I thought my thoughts on this might have been a bit more torrid…but maybe those I have buried in my memories. What I have written sounds quite tame. Friends and family might think otherwise. Until then “Cheers” “Bottoms Up” “I will just have one for the Road Mate”