2021 October

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  • Message From The Stick

    As my family know,I hate having to use a walking stick while I await my knee replacement.I know its my pride more than anything else and I hate the way it has slowed me down….my knee ,not the stick..It gets in the way.I have it tied to my wrist,but I still find myself tripping over […]

  • Part 2 from the blog about Childrens Classics 19th Oct.

    Well I am not sure how to just add on to a finished blog….but this is a continue of the blog I wrote this morning.I had got up to no41…Doctor Doolittle on the list of books that I need to acquire.Here is the rest of that list….Janr Eyre,Tess of the D rbervilles,The Invisable Man,The Mystery […]

  • Childrens/Adult Classics….My New Obsession.Part 1

    Over the last few months I have really got into reading the genre of children classics and I am actually beginning to see it also crossing over in adult classics as well.As some of you already know I love reading and when something really grabs.I cannot remember there being many books in the house as […]

  • Classic Childrens Stories….My Latest Addicton.

    Every so often I find I acquire a new interest…..the last one that I had was adult colouring which…yes I still do but it has stopped me being crazy about it. Others have been cross-stitch,card making,pen paling, knitting and always reading.I still knit.I still have penpals.I almost forgot after the cross-stitch craze of course I […]