10 Things I Have Never done or Had.

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It is… the start of cold and miserable weather so I am feeling blue and thinking about stuff that never happened to me and that happens to everyone else.
I am not being miserable about it to, just having a “blue” moment.

1.I have never had a passport so have never travelled to another country. But through the world of Google, I am well-travelled.
2. Missed having a white wedding. I did want on our 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary to have a blessing in church but when mentioned to hubby…all he said was “Why?… we are already married”, so I just left it at that.
3. I have never stayed in a hotel or even a B/B but have stayed in a caravan, a chalet and a holiday flat
4. I should have stood my ground when younger and done my nurse training…I wonder how different my life would have been…but I did achieve it in a sort of a way when I became a health care assistant and gained my NVQ 3 in care.
5. Should have learned how to swim and ride a bike.I would sink or wobble.
6. Had too many crushes but only one date before meeting hubby.
7. Wished or would have liked to been the hippy way back in the 60’s instead of trying to chase it now.
8. Would have liked to have gone to college with my schoolfriends instead of going straight to work.
9.I wish I could write a book.I love that idea…but I think if I tried I would end up getting sued for plagiarism.I think ideas from other books I have read would creep into my work.
10. Last but not least…to have lived alone
for some time.I went straight from my childhood home into marriage.

CAROL WAKE.4/10/2023.