Recent Books I have read’.

Thought I would go through the books I have given 10/10 in my reveiws.

1.The Snowman…Michael Morpurgo…I love this author of children’s books.He has a way of retelling bits from history and very recent stuff.This is a retelling of Raymond Briggs The Snowman.I read in 20 minutes while relaxing in bed this morning before getting I. have passed it on to Oxfam Bookshop.

2. Finding Tipperary Mary…Phyllis Whitshell…Read this over a few days. A true story.The author is adopted into a family who wanted a sister for their biological daughter. Phyllis was always told that she could not speak about her adoption and as she got older started to question.Her adoptive mother wanted to keep everything”secret”She was a mature adult when she found her mother…an alcoholic woman from Ireland.She looked after her for 6 years on the pretence of being a nurse.Finally letting social services being aware that she was in fact her daughter as she became diagnosed with dementia.It made me cry.
3.Betty’s Wartime Diary.1939-1945…I love diary stories and especially this oneBetty was a 58 year old widow living in Norfolk and occasionally visiting London most of World War 2.She used to be a theatrical dresser in the first part of 20th century.She is described  as looking like Peggy Mount the actress.I loved this.

4.The Age Of Miracle…Karen Thompson Walker…A coming of age story set in a future that could happen.The earth slows down and the days become long…eventually a day will last from dawn to dusk taking three weeks.There are survivors and life goes on through the eyes of Julia who is at school and her friendship with Seth.It is very thought proking as you feel that it could happen>
5.The Valley of the Lost Secrets…Les;ey Park…A really good read.I love storys of evacuees.Jimmy and his brother Jimmy are evacuated by their school to a village in Wales.It is about settling in, homesickness,finding lost bones of a missing child and coming to terms with everything.

Here are just the titles of some of the others.

The Life and Times of a She-Devel…Graham Norton,The Return og the Railway Children…Leon Kuenzler,Girl Missin…Sophie McKenzie,

I have read many others…but these were10/10 ones.