2020 December

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  • 10 things that make me sad

    As I did a blog about happy things I thought I thought I would counteract with the 10 things that make me sad.Just general stuff that I am happy enough to share with the world. Maybe these things will give you a smile. 1. When a person that you have watched in movies, listened to […]

  • Music Choices/and how my tastes have changed

    Thought it about time I did another blog post. Music is important in everyone’s life and a lot of our memories are tied up in the music we hear and remember. So I am going to tailback down memories and just ramble on. Growing up there was always music in the background. I remember the […]

  • Concerts and meeting/seeing “celebrity’s”

    Here I am again…this blog post is about the people I have seen performing stage shows/concerts or I have met them somehow. 1. David Essex…I have to put him first. Seen him on stage at least 9/10times.Concerts/musicals, plays and a talk. I have always had a friend to accompany me to keep me calm. Never […]