Category: Poetry

  • Words To Make You Think

    Here is some more prose from my books of words. As you know I like the poetry/prose that I collect from Facebook and what I see in books etc. I hope you are not getting fed up…so here goes: A Truckers Prayer Lord, please help me to be safe as I travel each mile, Let […]

  • Snippets.

    The miracle is not to fly in the air, nor to walk on the water, but walk on the earth…Chinese Proverb Only when normal things are not normal anymore do we realize how SPECIAL NORMAL THINGS WERE Cheers to the people that love us, the losers who lost us and the lucky bastards who get […]

  • My POEMS…….Part 2

    Here are part two of the words dreamed up from my head. (correctly formatted by T-Jay) The following few are ones I wrote after a friend confessed to me she was having an affair. When I see you pass me by, I want to call out your name, But our needs for each other are […]

  • My Own Poetry Part 1

    At the back of Journal No1 are at least 24 poems that I have written. Words out of my own head that I thought I would share. I am no William Wordsworth I have to say before I start. (TJ – I have formatted these, so you can actually see the poetry in action!!! – […]