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  • My Grandparents.

    I cannot remember when I last wrote a blog and have been guilty about so yesterday I sat and wrote down a sort of list of ideas for blog posts so I will work through them starting with the above. I have 9 ideas so plan to try and do one each day.I hope that […]

  • The Wedding of son no 3 to his lovely Sarah

    Still trailing through the full journals on TJ’s advice……but find there is a lot of stuff I am not prepared to share with the world. So here I am in journal 24 late in the year. In the days before the wedding, we avidly watched the weather forecasting gales and blizzards but the day dawned […]

  • Hubby’s Cross Dressing Episode

    I am writing this with the full permission of my hubby. We were on holiday on the Isle of Wight…..Me, hubby and sons no 2 and 3.Son no one had stayed at home to look after the cat and do his own thing. We were on a caravan site at Sandown which had a  club […]

  • Memories from being a young mum

    Being a young mum was a long time ago…..another lifetime. Do we look back to those days and wish they were still here…..I know sometimes I do. Son no 1……was born  I think on a Wednesday on 26th April 1976….that long hot summer. We lived in a tied cottage on a cattle farm between Bracknell […]

  • Gay Pride

    Son no 1 who is also the web host of my blog……has said its OK for me to share my thoughts on  the first Gay Pride in London that I joined in and walked with him He had come out to his family a few years before and had asked me if I would walk […]

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