My Grandparents.

I cannot remember when I last wrote a blog and have been guilty about so yesterday I sat and wrote down a sort of list of ideas for blog posts so I will work through them starting with the above. I have 9 ideas so plan to try and do one each day.I hope that will drown you all in my chitter-chatter.

I don’t think I have written about my grandparents so I

will apologise if I already have. One of my favourite programmes on TV  is “Who Do You Think You Are”.I can go no further than my paternal and maternal grandparents so will not be

long-winded. I will start with my maternal side.My grandparents were Joseph and Catherine Tennant who lived in a village hamlet called Hutton Henry in County Durham.I remember my Nana’s maiden name was Matthews but that is  all I know.They lived in what had formally been converted servants quarters turned into three homes.I never went into the neighbours…..grandads was the middle place in a terrace.In a walled area that had a sort of driveway and a sort od wild grassy area.My grandparents were a married couple on one side and 2 two sisters on the other.I cannot remember their names.The coal sheds and outside toilets were in what I think were converted stables. Always thought the married couple were”richer” .There was a locked than grandad as they had electric light in their outside loo.

Grandad in his working days used to drive one of those steam rollers that used to tarmac the road.I do not know how they met or what my nana use to do. Where they lived was a room downstairs that when I was younger contained a table and two big dressers.But I remember also a double bed after my nana died. Before then they used to have a bed in what was probably the front hallway as the door at the end was never opened.I think iy was the main entrance. We used to go in by the back door that was never locked.A narrow passageway that led to the front room. There was a cellar to the left that was always kept locked. And like a storage place next to i.To the right was a sink and a cold water tap….the only tap in the house,all hot water had to be heated on the open fire in the front room. Along the passageway was a long wooden bench with more storage placeThere were ovens at either side of the fire which was used for cooking. Memories I have of visiting Saturdays sitting on the fender and watching Grandad’s black and white tv and the wrestling.Have more memories of Grandad that Nana.

Grandad kept chickens in the back.He used to like his garden where he also had a huge vegetable patch. Wooden gate at the bottom which led into the back lane.He used to like his pint at The Plough his local and in his younger days used to play football for the village team.He has been a long time gone and I still miss him.

Now to the paternal side….which I am afraid is not a lot.My dad was one of 11 children….he was the 10th child so there are lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins that we rarely got to meet. Always seemed to be family weddings.I remember my dad’s mum being called “Grandma Brown” and all I remember is a little thin brown-haired lady.My dad lost his dad when he was 2 years old and that’s all I can remember. Would love to delve further back but am not techy enough to do it.Hope I have not bored you all.Thanks for reading it.Byeee.