Carol Wakes’s Pandemic Diary’s from 1st March 2020 to 1st May.

I have been thinking about what I did and how I coped…on insight those days  we all spent in lockdown…what we did ect.Found a gift back with 5 of my journals between March 2020 and the year 2021. So I thought I  would share my thoughts,my feelings and what I may have done during that time. So here is the first instalment…. I intend to post from the 5 of them,in 5 separate posting.Obviously, I will edit as I go along as I don’t intend to put very personal stuff
I will date the entrants ect that I share.

1st March 2020…St David’s Day…Had a lovely hour  with son no 3 family.We were laughin about the coronavirus…(little did we know)…on how we would self isolate if we had to do it.
2nd March…36 positive cases of Covid 19 (what it came ti be known)…it gets a bit scary.Like my disaster movies.Son no 2 rang me to let me know he was home from church. Friends P and M bought us wood over and left at about 6.30.

3rd March…My Cancer Research session. Hubby got me to call in bank for some cash.39 cases of Covid 19 in the UK

4th March..51 cases of COVID-19 .Hubby OK..5.30…just back from town .Saw 3 people at the bus station wearing masks.Bought 2 new mugs and an address book.
5th March…87 confirmed cases of Covid….I put a sad face!
6th March…Ron suggessted that I do my library books so that is what I did…little knowing that it would be the following year when I returned them. Hubby went to Tesco.116 cases of COVID-19 in K (I seem fascinated by having to put these numbers down.)I had a surprise phone call from my friend s in Bridport.

7th March…Spent 2 hours putting new contacts in Son no 2 new phone.According to The Sun newspaper, we are now on an official outbreak of coronavirus..We shall have to ride it through.We had both friends M and D drop off wood for us.206 cases os COVID 19 confirmed in UK.

8th May…Had to go to Tesco.They had noThey have no toilet roll/hand sanitiser/Baked beans and Tuna.I saw a woman clearing the shelves of VIT c TABLETS!! We had pork chops/cabbage and roast potatoes for lunch.Been listening to the news….its realy scary…267 cases in UK.

9th March…the UK total of Covid 19 is 267 and 3rd person has dies…but China is settling down.Dropped of hats/scarves to the homeless place..300 cases of Covid and a 5th death…its realy scary and the only way to calm myself is to write it down.

March…373 COVID cases and 6 deaths…getting scary(scary seems to be the only word I can write.

11th march..Woke up to hearing Ron saw wood.Had Cancer Research..bought 2 tops.COVID cases rise to 456 cases and 8 deaths.

12th March…Boris our PM spoke at midday about the virus but what he said I did not know.Hubby cut the lawns and tired himself out.

13th march…picked up prescription from the surgery.

14th March…Covid 19 is getting worse,I am trying not to panic(wish I had not read so much “end of the world” scenarios.Hubby does not seem overly concerned.Met son no 2 in town and breakfast at McDonald’s.Collected hubbys pills and put stuff as I intended to buy back on shelves as the queues were massive..

15th March….hubby is very complacent about this virus…better than panicking.Lots of stuff about making the over 70’s stay at home.I cannot see that happening.

17th March…(you begin to see the start of Lockdown)I had to go to the nurse.The door was locked so had to be let in and have our temps taken.Rons leg had cleared up. Son no 2 club cancelled because of COVID…(It’s started)message from D to ask if we needed anything,Neighbour S knocked and told us to ask if we need stuff! ( we never asked for anything if I was able to do it myself.My nephew’s school closed.Even my brother texted me to check we were OK.

18th March…was texted by the manager of the Oxfam shop(which never reopened after lockdown)not to go in….cos of my age!9WAS NOT IMPRESSED)Beginning to think we may have to take notice and self-isolate.All schools closed on Friday…it suddenly gets proper scary…I want it to stop.Just had a panic about the whole situation,a combination of whats happening/schools closing/being banned from Cancer Research and Oxfam.I did not panic just got very tearful.

19th March..went into town…paid the council tax…hubby happy. Looked into Sainsbury and Poundland…shelves empty. Charity shops closed. Hubby is feeling stir crazy…hope he gets over that .son no 2 upset that he had been told the church has closed and that his volunteering job was closed also.The news tonight did not scare me as much as it did yesterday.Hubby started worrying about his health and expected the next thing he gets  will be the virus(he never has).

21st March…me and Ron along with the rest of the country are self-isolating.hubby only pops along to the local shop for the paper and staying in the garden.This morning I popped into town with Dan and we had takaway egg muffins and sat on a bench to eat.Hubby is suffering with trapped wind and to him that is worst than the state the world is in.
22nd March..Hubby to shop for paper.Dan was taken out for a ride to Frensham Ponds…fresh air with Jan and Paul .(Dan and these two friends kept in a sort of bubble through all lockdowns.)I didnt go to Tesco….queues too long.At 5.35 had a phone call from son no 1 saying he is day 3 of self isolation…yes he had COVID.He felt he caught it in a cinema…someone coughing  badly behind him.I was shocked.He has 5 days more of isolation.I want to cry but will not.I started to feel calm as son no was calm.

23rdrd March….Main news to day is that from Moday coming the country will go into complete lockdown.I do not know what hubby will do.Its beginning to get to me.Was told in one of the local shops to stay in…thats what Ron is doing someone has  to go out!!Think hubby is trying to sleep the lockdown away…having naps upstair.I got upset yesterday as I felt I had been on my own too long.Phone call from GP to say my diabetic check up was cancalled can wait till sept!!.We have been told to stay at person can go to shop for hubby goes first thing in the morning to get paper.You can go for a waslk alone.You go ffor medication and to travel to work.

24th March…First official day of lockdown.Ron got paper and milk,then I went out to post two letters,one to son no1 and one to friend E in Scotland.I had a walk around the “back of the hospital”I am finding when I go to bed my mind is so “full” I cannot go to sleep.(even now New Years Eve 2023 I still cannot”DaughterLater had a lovely private. dropped of hubby a bag of compost!!!next few days I have reread and its full moaning so I will not bore you more that this must be boring you).We went outside for the first clap for the NHS.Nice to see the neighbours at a distance.

27th March…Boris tested positive for COVID. also Prince(now King) Charles tested positive.Sarah David and Tyler dropped of milk/teabags/crisps and eggs off at the end of the path.I feel hubby is coping with this lockdown better than I am.It feel good that I have seen all 3 of my kids albeit at a distance.Middle son and I  did Tesco social distancing(he was so good at this social distancing and coping ect but as the lockdown went on it started to affect him)
29th March…Clocks went forward last night.I have to go into town on Wednesday to get Ron some money…I am dreading it(why he wanted money with all the shops shut… do not ask.
30th March..Ron continues to go up and down with “gut ache”(his words)(little did we know it was probably his hernia beginning to play up.(Somedays it realy felt like I was living on my own)Phone call from son no 1 to ask if we needed anything.He bought milk.Then before Michael bought wood he rang to see if we wanted anything so hubby said teabags and potatoes.(when help like that was offered I did not feel so alone.Went to local shop and bought sherry and gin!My mind is so full.Contact on Facebook is a godsend(it saved me )
31st March …went into a deserted town to the bank for Ron.Glad when I got back.

1st April…I eventually went to bed last night at 1 am.My worry today is son no one going out with friends P and J.. shopping.Feel like I am not coping at the moment.(In hindsight I realize that I worried about everything more than I thought I did).(I write in my journal that I feel so alone)
2nd April…Hubby now thinks we will still be like this next year (we were i think)He heard on the radio that”all the old ones will be taken of ventilators to put younger people on”???So thats his new 20 mins we will be going our to clap for NHS.Had my Diabetic review on the phone.)(I will not write here what I have just read in my journal as I found it hard…but did get through it all.)
4th April…Went to Tesco with Dan but the queue was too long so we went to local shops..I went back to Tesco in the afternoon I bought flowers for Ron (must have been feeling guilty
5th April…when I rand son no 2…he coughed!!!Are you all right?Yes Mum its only my hay fever.
6th April…surprised when friend D arrived with half a dozen eggs for us.

7th April…got up and have a frog in my throat,hope thats all it is.Everything feels like Groundhog day. Hubby moans that he is not able to do anything.All he did was go into town,I am not stopping him….then he says “yes but everything is shut”….yes everything is bloody shut.(I am still surprised we got through it!!)2 weeks of lockdown(little did we know long it would go on)
9th April…into town to pay the bloody council tax and get cash for Ron!!Hope I do not catch anything nasty(I did not realize how worried I was)
10th April…its Good Friday the day we put Jesus to death.
Had not realized what a boring time lockdown was for us all and wondered if I should continue blogging…let me know somehow.
17th April….first del of wool for once I feel happy.
25th April…had a surprize  Amazon  box of gin from an old school friend.Thanks R.
I finished this journel on ist May but I decided not to repeat what I did etc..just think Groundhog Day.Let me know if you want more.