TV Shows that I have loved/like….Past/Present.

Another blog that I think will take me quite a few days so it will be saved in drafts before publishing. This time it will be about the shows I have seen past and present.

Survivors—this was dystopian. survival series set on TV in 1975 when s flu type of disease killed about 90% of the population. The story revolves around how the remaining survivors cope with starting out again. The main characters were Abby who is a middle-class lady from the suburbs, and Greg, a engineer who was in Norway when the illness took over…who flew back in a helicopter to discover that his wife had died andJenny a secretary who lived in a flat in London with a flatmate.The first episode introduces to all the different characters.The rest of series 1 introduces to various characters who all cope with survival in very different ways and we meet the last main character Charles who was already into self-survival commune-type living.

Bargain Hunt—Two teams,a wad of cash and an expert. They have three items to by at an antique fair that is taken to auction to see who makes the most profit.

Master Chef—also there is a celebrity series that is also very enjoyable.Different tasks ect and Gregg Wallace/John Torode vote people of until the final when one only will be named Masterchef winner.

Sewing Bee— I love this show.12 amateur sewers have three challenges every week, one getting voted off each until they have a winner.

Silent Witness—about forensic scientists helping the police solve murder cases. Stars Emilia Fox and all the series’ various other co-stars.The first series also starred Amanda Burton. Fully recommend it if you like this sort of stuff.

Who Do You Think You Are— celebrities tracing their family trees as far back as they can.I love this show.

Gogglebox— ordinary people sat on the sofa watching TV and giving their opinions about what they are watching.There is also a celebrity version.

Bonanza—One of the many Westerns on TV that I enjoy.The stars of the Cartwright Family have all passed on.Other Westerns I have enjoyed were Paladin and The High Chaparral

Period Drama—in particular ones based on literature.I have watched three different movies/series on Pride and Prejudice, One on Emma and I am watching Middlemarch and Oliver and also Far From the Madding Crowd on IPlayer.

Six Million Dollar Man—Lee Majors was a favourite of mine when this was on TV so I always made a point of watching it. He always won and always got the girl.

The Wooden Tops—going right back to childhood these were one of my first favourites.Aways Friday on Watch With Mother.Who remembers Spot the Dog.My other favourite was Bill and Ben on a Wednesday.

DNA Secrets—with Stacey Dooly…always very interesting.  I remember one programme about a Holocaust survivor wanting to know if and family had survived also.

Life On Mars—detective has a very serious accident and is in hospital in a coma.He has gone back to the 1970s when police procedures are very different and he finds it hard to settle has weird flashbacks and finds he new boss Gene very different.He “meets both his mum and dad while he is back in the past.Finally comes from his coma but that is hard to cope with.He jumps from a roof and finds himself back in the seventies again.


Between The Covers— a book club on screen.4 well-known persons come on with their favourite read and say why its their choice.They also review new publications.Hosted by Sara Cox.

I am sure there are more.This has also taken me 3/4 days to complete.