Gay Pride

Son no 1 who is also the web host of my blog……has said its OK for me to share my thoughts on  the first Gay Pride in London that I joined in and walked with him

He had come out to his family a few years before and had asked me if I would walk it with him one year. I said I would but it would have to wait until I was ready.

So when the time came when I told him I was ready…..plans were made. I said I wanted a sign to carry and we made a good sign”I’m with my Son”.

the day dawned bright and sunny. We were travelling up to Waterloo with some of his friends so we were a lively bunch. The trains were very busy so we found a cosy corner at the end of a carriage. There was me, son no 1 friend “Little J” and friend “D” a character from Doctor Who

A  jolly journey up to Waterloo stories and laughs….as we drew near to Waterloo……” D” asked me if I would do him a favour…..he had donned a bright orange curly wig and he wanted me to do his make up. I have a memory as we pulled into waterloo

applying bright red lipstick with a shaky hand……I did manage a decent enough job.

Waterloo station was packed ….lots of people heading in the same direction as us. At the time son, no1 wore a leather jacket, jeans and numerous chains. He told me to hang on tightly to his chains and not let go and that is what I did

Down to a packed underground…I had no idea where we were heading so those chains were my lifeline….losing son no 1 would have been the worst thing I could think of… long as I held that chain I felt safe.

On getting off the train we just followed the crowd until we found the end of the walk that was just about to start.

What happened next was an abiding never to be forgotten part of my life…I proudly carried my banner and many tears……and lots of laughter was shared. I would make eye contact with couples watching the parade and be very moved by the silent “thank you” s that were mouthed at me. Loved all the sights and sounds……shared champagne with complete strangers and was carried away by all the love I could feel. I have never been hugged and kissed by so many men and women in my life as ever has been in an unforgettable afternoon. We walked the whole walk ended up I think was in Hyde Park (my web host will correct that if I am in the wrong place)

It was the time when the picnic and concert were free….these days you have to book and pay to see the concert.

I have a feeling that the concert star attraction that year was Kylie and son no 3 had come up to London with family friend “P” to see Kylie. So I was going to join them for the trip back to Guildford…which is what I did. I expect when I left Son no 1 properly relaxed after mum was on her way home and he was able to let his hair down and you did 20 odd years ago. He looked after me, I had fantastic memories of a brilliant day and got home safely with achy feet. I had a blister that took two weeks to clear up but it was well worth it. I have a more detailed report of it upstairs in my box of journals. Thanks for reading xxx