10 things that make me sad

As I did a blog about happy things I thought I thought I would counteract with the 10 things that make me sad.Just general stuff that I am happy enough to share with the world. Maybe these things will give you a smile.

1. When a person that you have watched in movies, listened to singing admired for that they have achieved in life….you hear about their death and grieve in your mind as you have known them.

2.Sudden power cuts that switch off your laptop or TV.

3.When you come to the end of a book that you have really enjoyed…..being the invisible person on the sidelines……and you want to know what happens next.

4.Really sad that this year 2020 has stopped me from my annual visit to one of my dearest friends who lives in Bridport Dorset. I hope things permitting I will be able to make this trip in 2021.

5 Its sad I don’t drink coffee…..it would make me more sophisticated than I actually am

6.Arguments…..who loves them?…….not me.

7.Wishing that I had gone into nursing sooner. If I had been confident younger I would have loved to have done my training and become qualified.

8.sad movies….sad songs…..sad endings in books

9. Sad that I have never had a passport….which means have been out of this country…….unless you count Wales and The Isle of Wight.

10. Would have loved to have seen people like Elvis, Springsteen, Beatles, David Bowie in concert but never managed.

  I hope my “sad” things may have but a little smile on your face. Happy forthcoming New Year 0f 2021 to you all and I hope to provide you with more interesting blogs in the new year.