Covid Fatigue

I have heard the title of this blog post a few times in the media……another new word that is becoming part of our vocabulary this year of  2020.

All of this year we have been fighting this terrible virus that has affected the whole world…..countries are no longer fighting each other but this invisible germ amongst us

At the beginning of this year, we first heard of this flu virus affecting China not realizing that in a few weeks it would start affecting us. First signs we started seeing people with masks on then at the end of March we all frightened into lockdown by the prime minister.

It has affected everyone very differently…….some of us better than others. I cannot truthfully say how if it did affect me ……but I know exactly how I feel now.

At the start of lockdown, most of us went heartily into it not dreaming that 7 months down the line most of us still feel bound by those rules. And why when restrictions were first lifted people rushed to the coast, pubs reopened and people rushed to the bars…..not everyone being sensible…that 10% of the population that think….”it will not happen to me” spoiled it for the rest of us and that’s why I feel that is in “normal” and I feel deep down that is how it will be. That is how I feel and what I think is being called “Covid Fatigue”.We all have it one way or another…..some days we are up and others down in the dumps

We have all taken up with all sorts of hobbies. Me, I decided to knit scarves in moss stitch….40 stitches and 100-gram ball of wool. And I know giving them to family and friends I care about. Doing that I feel has helped me and kept me sane

I was exercising every day but my right knee decided to kick me in the face and let my arthritis rear its ugly face. You cannot get a proper diagnosis over a phone….and at the moment its the bain of my life….it brings me down….it makes me cry……but I try to ignore it….it will not get me down…I will not let it.

Covid Fatigue hits you when you least expect it…..all you want is for things to be as they used to be but will that ever happen at least that’s how I feel at the moment.

There have been some good times….the first cuddles from adult children, the first cuddle from a grandchild, the haircut you have been waiting for. I even went to the pub once.

I have realized that I don’t like crowds (oh, it’s hereditary – Tee Jay proofreading again!) and always feel happier to be back at home. I go out when I have to. Masked and ready for the bus and shops

The pleasure when family and friends come to see me.

The life I am sure will get better….we will one day be like we were

I will leave you with this quote I found amusing.

     Some people think they are champagne in a tall glass

     When in actual fact they are like lukewarm piss in a plastic pot.

I apologise to anyone who may feel offended by the last line.