Private Thoughts I Am prepared to share

I really don’t know exactly what I am going to write. But I feel I am neglecting my blog….. it’s just that I cannot really think most days of what to write…..or more precisely what I am prepared to share with everyone. You have to keep some things private… known only by you and whatever being you believe in.

So here goes……I will try and list 10 things…like they do on Mojo on YouTube.

1. What do I feel about covid, masks and that sort of stuff… I still wear a mask, no I do not unless I am visiting the hospital for any reason. I don’t wear a mask but I keep my distance for example in supermarkets I steer clear of busy aisles. I see more people without masks rather than people wearing them. That to me is a good thing…it shows that wear is not afraid or frightened as much as they were. If I am truthful I don’t really feel happy thinking of going to crowded places. I will even ask a person on the bus if I can sit beside them as I have come across people who have actually said “I would rather you didn’t”.I even had someone shrink away from me. Covid will never disappear and we have to get used to living in this new world.

2. Shopping online… this is something I discovered in 2020 during the pandemic. I don’t know exactly how to do it but I have a dear daughter-in-law who does it for me. I have bought since then wool, books, shoes for hubby, toe clippers, sheets (waiting for them to arrive) a new hoover, a fridge, bags of wood and a shopping trolley with owls on. I am sure there is more but that’s all I can remember.

3. My crazy book-buying obsession… I have always loved reading, but it has developed over the last 18 months into an obsession. I counted up all my books last weekend and was horrified to add them up to 529!!!!! When I bought them home. I have to list them in an A4 size book, by name/author/first and last sentence/dedication/noted on author/amount of pages/what my copy cost and where I bought/acquired it from/and what it cost when new. After I read one I will write a little review and mark it out of 10. Yes, friends…….I am a bit mad.

4. Discovering I am not as strong as I thought I was…I am not disclosing everything but hubby has not been too well recently and I was surprised that I really could not handle the situation as well as I thought I would. I have had so much stuff to cope with I thought I could cope with anything that is chucked at me….and basically I couldn’t. Things are OK but it surprised me at the way I reacted.

5. People I Admire….going to name 5 males and 5 females that I fancy/admire. Here are the males
a. David Essex… has to be top. A very sexy young man like a wild gipsy and now a true silver fox.
b. King Charles III….our new monarch, has waited so long, he will not have a long reign but let’s give him a chance.
c. My sons no 1,2 and 3 with the way they are dealing with their own personal issues.
d. Hubby….we have been married 50 years  0n Jan 31st 2023. He has looked after me and vice versa, we are an OK pair.
e. For this last one I am going to name special men that have passed through my life. My Grandad…I really miss him and thinking about him a lot lately. Dave P…..he knows why he is on this list and his lovely another half R. My brothers, David, Jeff and Derek and not forgetting Gordon. My R.I.P. dear brother.

Now to the women.

a. Sheila, a friend of many years, we have never had a cross word. and I love her dearly.
b, My dear sister, Maureen. I have grown to care for her more as we have grown older.
c. Actresses, I admire…Emelia Fox (Silent Witness) Kelly Hawes, Olivia Colman to name 3,
d, Jane Moore (journalist and Loose Woman)
e, names of people that are still in my life or those that have moved on, Pat N, Elma from Scotland, a very dear friend who I have not met but is very dear to me, Sue and Sylvia from Cancer Research, and friend Penny along with her hubby. and many others.

6. Foods that everyone loves but I hate….coffee, hate the taste, Chicken Tikka, Thai Green Curry…I don’t like the taste of Pesto, tripe and cockles, tomato sauce/ketchup and peanut butter.

7. My beliefs…I do not think I actually believe in God, but I believe there is a being or something similar…I don’t know. We will find out when we die. I am a bit afraid of death esp now that I am getting older. I like to believe that we are reincarnated.

8. Regrets of stuff I never learned/did…I never learned to swim, I never learned to ride a bike, I wish I could crochet, never travelled abroad and don’t want to know, I wish I had the confidence that  I have now in the 60s when I was young.

9. Five “celebrities I cannot stand…Meghan Markel, Jimmy Carr, Nadia Swalada (used to like), Charlene White (Loose Woman/newsreader) and Keith Lemon.

10. This has been so hard…..but last I will list 5 books I know I will not read. and I classic I did not enjoy. Moby Dick, Toms Brown Schooldays, The Warden by Anthony TROLLOPE, Gullivers Travels/Robinson Crusoe enjoyed Ladybird and Usborne young reading rather than the proper version and The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham(But I might give it another try. And the book I was disappointed in was The Portrait of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde.

That’s it folks. Let me know what you think

Friday, September 30, 2022

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