A Ba-Humbug Day

I did plan to put this as a Facebook status but decided to do it as a blog instead.All I wanted to do was make a start on my Christmas wrapping up and it ended in “Let’s go on a Mouse hunt”Not funny at all…but if you know me I try to bring a smile to most things.That’s how cope with whatever shit gets thrown to us..
All through the year I will buy suitable little gifts and throw them into my present box for birthdays and also Christmas.So I decide to make a start and left hubby downstairs happily sawing wood.As I started to sort it I realized there was a lot of little bits of silver and gold Christmas decoration type bits of paper…then  I discovered a box of Maltesers or what was once a box of Maltesers but the box was empty.Then the scarves that I had knitted in the year noticed fluffy bits where there should not be….also beanie hats that Id knitted unravelling at the top……I began to think “There’s a bloody mouse in here”.Do I tell hubby or not?I knew how he would react.Thought I’d better go I spoilt his day.
After the swearing had stopped we began the mousehunt.Moved all the presents (at least in their respective bags into the other room ,still unwrapped…thinking to myself…..Bugger….I am not going to get to Tesco…..will have to do tomorrow which I will.We emptied the cupboard and underneath we discovered piles of confetti looking chewed up paper and mouse droppings.Hubby getting more and more upset….even went over to a neighbour to see if he could borrow a bloody cat.
Anyway we got the single bed stripped…..and hubby made me jump…”There’s the bloody thing”So we knew it was there.We stripped the bed,moved the bed from the wall and discovered more chewed up paper and more mouse droppings and also in the cupboards under the bed.
All the lovely knitted stuff that we had a stall to raise funds  in pre covid days and homeless hats and scarves I had forgotten I had done……so as they had been go at my Mr Mouse they were all but in a binliner……4 of them!!Thank goodness all my daily journals were in plastic containers…they were safe.we spent ages getting it all hoovered and tidied up.Remade the bed.Unpacked and repacked my hospital bag….I have visions of a mouse jumping out when I’m actually in there for my knee op.
Ron blocked the area where we think the mouse got in and in town tomorrow a visit to Robert Dyas to try and buy a mousetrap.
I am trying to be funny about it all….but it really wasn’t,both of us were getting stressed and tearful.Concerned about how stressed hubby was feeling but we are both calmed down and we are both OK.Tesco will wait until tomorrow.
As I said  I was going to put this as a Facebook status…..but it would have been a long one.And we are over it and calm and I have just don tinned soup for us with toast.