Memories…..From Then Until Now

Let me explain the title. Just 10 minutes ago it popped into my mind a memory from the past and I thought what a nice idea for a blog…..just little snippets that I remember from the many years I have lived on this earth. I will try for at least 10 and if the brain remembers ….some more.

1. Memories from my childhood……I remember being taken to the cinema for what must be the first time ever. I feel it was when my dad was still in the army and we lived in an army flat somewhere in Newport, Monmouthshire in South Wales. My second brother was born at that time and he was born in 1952 as I was born in 1949 I must have been approx 3 to 4 years old. I remember the coat I had with an astrakhan type collar. I remember it being a Charlie Chaplin movie….must have been the one they used to show before the main picture. I remember getting very confused when he ate a flower.
Another cinema memory was going to see the Beatles in Help, and Billy Fury in Play It Cool. Both of these are at The Picture House in Horden.

2. Memories from schooldays…A few spring to mind that I may have spoken about in other posts. I remember the confusion of the first day at the infant school. I started school when my dad was stationed in Cheshire. We lived in army accommodation in a place called High Lee. Cannot remember much about day-to-day from then. The school was a long long walk along what I think was a very busy road. To a small village school. Being asked to write your name at the top of the sheet of paper. I had no idea how my name was spelt so I peeked at what the girl I sat next to was writing and can still remember the teacher saying”Carol does not have an “S” in it.

Junior school in Peterlee and trying to dance the twist in the playground. Being read Pilgrims Progress on a Friday morning in class and some of us fell asleep.
The Queen visited when I was still in Junior school and we marched up to just outside the senior school we would all go to the next year to wave at her as she passed by.
Memories from Senior school centre around “falling in love/lust with schoolteachers and boys from your class. Probably the age difference between the teacher we lusted after is properly the same as between me and my hubby now.

3. Memories as school leaver……Gaining my first job as a general clerk in a mail-order firm in Sunderland. That journey every day…as trying to control my travel sickness which I did. Sucking mints etc…I still do today when travelling. Lusting after a chap who travelled on the bus every day to Sunderland. I never knew his name. I never even spoke to him but if I saw him it made my day
I worked at this place until I married hubby….when we both never turned up one day when we escaped the North and came South……story in another blog.

4. Early marriage memories…..Being offered a cup of cocoa by my new mother-in-law on my wedding night. In retrospect, we should have booked in somewhere but we couldn’t afford it. The night we escaped and came South. Bus to Sunderland.Train to Waterloo…via Basingstoke ending up in Newbury and staying with hubby’s sister for 2 weeks. Finding hubby a job in tied accommodation.

I am stopping here and 5 to 10 will be done in Part 2…or if I am clever I may be able to work out how to edit and add it on.