Memories from Then until Now……Part 2

Wasn’t able to edit part one and add on. So here are 5 to 10.

5, Memories of Holidays……Never really had holidays when very young. Trip back North from wherever my Dad was stationed…but as I was so young they are blurred…but I do remember at least two trips when I was taken with my mum to stay with an Aunt who lived in Wales. I remember a particular cake shop. Another memory is me and my oldest brother staying the weekend with my grandad. I cannot remember much about how we spent the time but I can remember the nights upstairs in that old house. I and my brother were terrified under the bedclothes…feeling we were not alone in the dark. It has been said since that we all thought that upstairs a grandad’s was haunted. I can see those framed pictures on the walls. Eyes following you around the room. A particular copy of The  Laughing Cavalier is still there in my mind. Looking out through the window and seeing people in their gardens jumping up and down and waving…. were they even real.?

6. Memories of places where we lived……When hubby and I came down South. At first, we lived in many different places. after staying at my sister-in-law for 2 weeks we found…or should I say hubby found a gardeners job with accommodation. This is not about the job but about where we lived. It was with an elderly couple. Or accommodation was a sort of tin annexe attached to their kitchen area. A small room as a sitting room, a passage that had a cooker at the top. The passage was cooker width. A bathroom at the other end. We had no kitchen and we had the scullery to share so I could get fresh water for the kettle etc.

We were newlyweds so we managed. I hated getting off the bus from Newbury where I found a job and finding my way down the lane or through the woods to the house. Lovely in the summer but not the dark nights. We moved from there to a two-bedroomed flat in Newbury as hubby changed jobs to a Gardner with the people who I worked for and the accommodation was a flat over the shop I worked in. I remember having mice from the Chinese restaurant next door and finding little footprints in the frying pan. A never forgotten occasion when there was an electrical fault in the shop sign and our flat was full of smoke and firemen. My mum and dad visited and my mum was upset with my dad cos we had a fridge and she hadn’t. My dad had to get her one on their return. From there we moved to a place called Moss End near Bracknell and a normal far house. But we did not stay long and we moved to a bungalow. Two bungalows on the Cadbury estate where hubby worked as a general labourer.Just us and the neighbours.

Exhausted myself, so part 3 later.