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  • Beachlife

    The title of this blog sounds exotic… but it isn’t. When dad lost his job and I think he was “on the dole” for 4 years…..we never were cold in the wintertime. He became one of many people who would bike to the nearest beach on the North East coastline to pick the coal scraps […]

  • Leaving the North

    Time for another blog. This is all that happened when we took the sudden decision to leave the North and go “South” with my new hubby who had hailed from down there. Hubby’s stepfather had suddenly died about a month before we married and the main problem was “how will his mum cope?” It was […]

  • Uncle Fred’s Telly

    My dad was no 10 of 11 children and Uncle Fred was his youngest brother…the last child to be born. My dad was only two when his own dad died so my Grandma Brown was left with all those children to bring up. I don’t know anything about their childhood but I remember Uncle Fred […]

  • Why I dont like Gardening.

    I have never been interested in gardening but over the years I have been “dragged” into it every so often. My dad used to grow potatoes and flowers….mainly “Sweet Williams”. My mum used to sell them in bunches for a bit of pocket money The nearest I ever got to gardening as a child was […]

  • Army Brat.

    I can still remember my Dad being in the army…I must have been a sort of “army brat”Let’s see what I can dredge up. The earliest memory is from living in a top floor flat in Newport which at the time was in Monmouthshire. I can remember my mum with a pram trying to get […]

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