My memories of the times I have seen Queen Elizabeth 11.

I do not seem to have much to write on my blog….as life is pretty dull at the moment. But then I realized that we are living through history with the death of Queen Elizabeth III and the accession of King Charles 111…formally Prince of Wales Charles.

So I thought I would write about the times I have actually seen the Queen…I have never seen our new King. I think it was about 4 times “our paths crossed”.

1. When I was still in junior school, at Acre Rigg Junior School about 1960 the Queen visited Peterlee Co Durham where I lived and looked at some new shops opposite the senior school I attended the following year…the junior school was a 5-minute walk up to the senior school so we were all marched to line up. All I can remember is a bright yellow and a multi-coloured petal sort of hat. beret. I am afraid that is all I can remember.

2. The next time was when my hubby and I went with my brother-in-law J to what I think was the Ideal Home Exhibition Show in London. I remember I was about 8 months pregnant with son No 1. We became aware of a red carpet and crowds and a few policemen…I remember saying to hubby and J …it must be someone important when suddenly there she was with Prince Philip walking past not very far from us.

3. This one was just a very quick sighting……again in London. Son no 1 and friend D had taken me to The Dorchester in London when the big black standard car with the Royal Standard on the front was at the traffic lights…so we waved and got a wave back.

4. This happened when I was still working in catering at Royal Surrey County Hospital when The Queen accompanied by Prince Philip opened the new St Luke’s Cancer Wing…and the kitchen did the catering. We all had to wear a black skirt, a white blouse and black shoes. There were too many of us to be on the tea table and I was banished to a small changing room to prepare the Queen’s tea…Earl Grey…being told that was an important job to be doing. I have to admit I was really peeved…felt like I was being put into my place. I made the tea etc and leaned against the door as I actually had a very good view when “they” came along so much so that when the manager came along and said I could join the others I refused to say I could see quite well from where I was.

5. The last one is not really me and not even the Queen but son no 1 was in a school choir at infant school and was presented to Princess Anne at some function.

That’s my brush with royalty…I would love to know if you have had any.