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    I do not think I have written about the courtship of hubby and I and apologise for it. I am repeating myself. I “think” I became aware of him about 1970…he lived down the road from us at the bottom of the street. I had to walk past his front window to get to where […]

  • More Memories…..Trip To See Kylie in Concert

    As you all know I am trawling through my journals to find the subject matter to use in my blogs and I came to the following account.Happened in 1990. No 1 son was so excited when we said that one of us would take him to see Kylie Minogue….his favourite singer…..former Charlene from Neighbours (daily […]


    Here I am again. I am reading my journals looking for stuff to write about. I am happy to share the following memories. Memories of visits to S in Wales…those early times when her daughter and my 3 wherein bed and we would sit and drink tea/wine and talk and talk. Going to visit some […]

  • Weekend Fund Raising At Parham Steam Rally 1999

    When I worked on an elderly care ward at our local hospital we used to try and raise money to buy equipment that would help us in the care of our patients. We needed a Datascope…a machine that would take temperatures and blood pressures and levels of oxygens. So one weekend 3 of us decided […]

  • 2020 ….and what it did to me

    On the eve of Lockdown no 3, I have decided to do the blog on what I did and how I felt during the year that we have just waved goodbye too. Little did I think……as others did that almost 12 months that we would be back to square one….but at least we have something […]

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