ABC of me

Here I am again. First Blog from my new laptop. I don’t think I have done this…so here goes.

A…anxiety…..I don’t always admit it but I do get anxious…about life, about family, about the future, about getting old…but I am aware and try not to.
B…being a good friend, being the best mother I can be.
C…Making time for Carol…I do manage.
D… Diaries…It is a huge part of my day but apart from the appointments diary I journal my day in detail…it empties my mind ready for a brand new day
E…energy….looking forward to getting it all back once I have my knee replacement…maybe be able to run around the black again
F…Family and friendship are very important to me.
G…getting rid of my grey hair…..I know I should accept it but when it’s pink I feel gives me such a lift and it cheers everyone up.
H…I am happy in my life. I think some people think I am not but my life is OK. Whatever it may look like to anyone on the outside.

This is harder than I thought it was going to be.

I…” in the moment”……living in  the moment and trying not to think too much of “what’s gonna happen next”
J…Jelly sweets…my downfall…being diabetic I should stay completely clear of them.
K…knitting… keeps me going. I have just started to knit myself a jumper.
L….laughing….. it’s good for you. I always try to put a smile on my face. It’s got to be good for you.
M….memories are a big part of my life. but I don’t dwell on them all the time. I don’t live in the past even though some may think it

That’s the first half of the alphabet done. Not even sure if it’s how I meant this to be. I even think I may have done something similar before. I can assure you all I am not a miserable old “cow”.Let me know what you think.